We consider ourselves first and foremost coastal architects. We feel quite at home in the maritime conditions found in coastal Alaska. They have been variously described as "moderately rainy and windy," "temperate rain forest" or even "Hell on earth." However you describe them, we relish the design challenge of creating beautiful, long lasting buildings that celebrate both their users and the environment that sustains them.

We are at once generalists and specialists. We are specialists in that the individual principals have different areas of special design interest. We are also generalists, practicing in a smaller market. Our clients have a diverse range of needs and they need us to be nimble enough to meet those needs. As a result, we have a strong commitment to diversification of our practice as well as continuing education. We have a wide range of professional development certifications and associations, including LEED, CSI, CEFPI, RCI, AIA, ASID and others.

Due in part to the diverse interests of our principals and staff, our portfolio ranges from sublime understatement to robust exuberance. Whether they are simple additions, historic renovations, complex civic assignments or small industrial designs, each of our projects is accomplished under the direct care of one of our three principals, executed with one overriding principle: How do we serve our client best and have fun doing it.

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