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ANG & UAS Joint Use Facility

Joint Use Facility
Juneau, Alaska
The Joint Use Facility is located adjacent the Auke Lake Campus of UAS. This first of its kind facility in Alaska is the product of a partnership between the University and the National Guard to create a single facility that meets dual needs: a student recreation center for the University and a fully equipped readiness center for the Guard.
The modified chevron building shape lends itself beautifully to the consolidated yet separate program needs of the facility. The interior space is separated into three unique programs: National Guard Spaces - including secured munitions and weapons storage; University Spaces - including student activities, and exercise space; and Shared Spaces - including a gymnasium with suspended running track, climbing wall, classrooms and exercise rooms.
A challenge of this design was to meet stringent military design standards while accentuating the stunning beauty of the Alaskan environment. This was achieved by bringing the outdoors inside through the use of color, texture and light.
* Photos by Ken Graham


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