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Petersburg Fire Station

Petersburg Fire Station
Petersburg, Alaska
JYW provided design services for Petersburg Fire/EMS facility. In 2008, when it became apparent that a full scale public safety facility was not economically feasible, the City of Petersburg retained JYW to revisit the design and develop construction documents for a facility that would house only the Fire/EMS operations. The building contains 15,500 square feet on the ground floor and 3,000 square feet in two mezzanines used for storage and mechanical equipment. The features in the building include six apparatus bays with radiant slab and exterior apron heating, separate support rooms for Decontamination, SCBA, Shop, Hose and Turn-Out Gear Storage, Search and Rescue and EMS supplies as well as offices, Day Room, Training Room, lockers for volunteers and rooms for visiting trainers. The project was constructed in two phases. The site work was completed in 2010 while the building design was being completed. Construction of the new facility was completed in 2011. The City received State grants totaling approximately $8.4M for the project; the project was completed under budget.
* Photos by Jensen Yorba Wall, Inc.


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