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Dimond Park Aquatic Center

Dimond Park Aquatic Center
Juneau, Alaska
JYW began work on this project in 1999 with the completion of a needs analysis for what was then the Dimond Community Recreation Center. We worked closely with skilled recreational facility planners to develop a comprehensive planning document that could be utilized to elicit community input and support for the proposed new facility.
In 2007, following an unsuccessful bond initiative for construction, we were approached by a local ad hoc group to assist in developing a supportable plan for construction of this much desired facility. We provided planning, programming, and development of project graphics that were utilized to garner support for the successful bond initiative. In 2008 we were retained by the City and Borough of Juneau to provide design and construction services for the facility. Design for this 34,000 SF facility was developed through a collaborative process that included community meetings and workshops and close partnership with the task force and CBJ project management. Value Engineering was an integral part of keeping the project on budget and controlling scope creep. With a highly competitive bidding environment, the low bid came in at $13,110,000, significantly under the final estimate. This allowed for awarding of all alternates with money left over. Working closely with the task force we were able to identify other desired components of the project that could be included. One of the unique features is the utilization of a geothermal loop field to heat the facility which was funded in part through an AEA grant.
The new facility was eagerly anticipated by the community and has opened up new and exciting recreational opportunities, including providing Juneau with its first opportunity to host the ASAA High School State Swimming and Diving Championships in 2013.
* Photos by Jensen Yorba Wall, Inc. * Photos by Ken Graham


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