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Auke Bay School

Auke Bay Elementary School Renovation
Juneau, Alaska
The facility, originally constructed in the 1960's, had not undergone significant renovation since its construction. The building was programmatically and functionally deficient with underutilized space. The existing electrical and mechanical systems were outdated and inefficient and had reached the end of their useful life.
Our team began by revisiting a condition survey we completed in 2005 to determine the current state of the facility. This was followed by a planning process to determine the most economical design solution, renovation or replacement. Once it was determined that renovation was the best option we began a collaborative design process with the Owner and members of the school community. Construction was completed in three phases to avoid disruption of the educational delivery process. The renovated facility is energy efficient and serves students and staff in a functionally and programmatically efficient manner. The facility will be a LEED certified building and features a ground source heat pump heating and cooling system anticipated to reduce operation and maintenance costs by 25%. This extensive $17M renovation project was completed in 2013.
* Photos by Jensen Yorba Wall, Inc. * Photos by Ken Graham


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